Friday, June 07, 2013

St thomas Aquinas church garage sale preview

This is an in underground preview of the huge garage sale at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic  Church happening June 8, 2013. I walked in and was amazed: computers, games, toys, everything you'd expect! for more info.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

¡Ceviche! An adventure in (not really) cooking

Ingredients: shrimp and some fresh chopped crispy vegetables (and fruit) (ooh, mango would be good in this!!)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Efficiently freezing leftover spaghetti

You could freeze a glob, or you could freeze with thawing in mind. It's an old trick, but here is my take on it..

Key points from these photos is leaving a little zip part unzipped so as to allow all air to escape and folding the opening of the Ziploc bag outwardly so that nothing dribbles out onto the edges and into the zipper portion.

Let's do something a little different here

This was an experiment of cross-posting for images before I really embraced Flickr as my source for photo blogging. I may go thru and clean up here (right after reading Brothers Karamazov and taking down the 2012 Christmas lights).


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Find Piano Sheet Music Readily.. Online (really!)

This simple amazon store was whipped together using just two Drupal contributed modules, Amazon API and Amazon Store, to provide all the functionality for a qualified online sheet music store powered by Drupal and Amazon AWS. It took all of an hour to learn how to use the components, wire it all together, and seed with a few mostly scores but still otherwise favorites like Mozart, Liszt, and Shostakovich.

Having originally posted here, traffic to the site soared! Oh joy! But I realized too late that my site cache was tampering with valid checkout, and I can't help but think I lost out on at least one sale... Oh bummer.

This domain had been dormant for several years, but I couldn't just let go of a great domain name like Would you?

Thanks anonymous commenter for renewing my interest in this simple experiment :)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Shiraz Shish Kabob - new middle eastern food in College Station

Shiraz Shish Kabob

OK. I am very happy now-- Shiraz Shish Kabob, a new Middle-Eastern restaurant here in Aggieland, is open and well worth a visit. They opened in early Dec 2008 in the unassuming, small former Quick-as-a-Flash building on Texas & Dominik and have kinks to work out, but the FOOD.. WOW, well-prepared and you can overlook anything else. You come to eat after all, right?

We tried one of several dishes: one ground beef, one beef steak, and one chicken. All tender, juicy, and very flavorful. The rice had just a hint of saffron, the flat bread made fresh, and the hummus, cucumber yoghurt (similar to raita in Indian cuisine), and tibuli were all very tasty.

They lacked on accomodation: we had a reasonable-sized party of four adults, one 3yr old, and one baby, but yet they couldn't offer a platter or basic staples for each and kabobs to share, and when the plates came out, there were no extra plates for sharing nor extra fork for the little one. When I was walking back and forth carrying trays for my bunch, noone nearby offered to help which I found a little off. Others behind the counter were very warm and helpful.

I think give it a few months and they may become more family friendly-- there's a good market for families wanting to expose their kiddos, and I will definitely be dragging mine in again often, well before Shiraz Shish Kabob gets a chance to adapt to accomodate such a party just to do my part to ensure they stay open for many years to come. (Plus, did I mention how delicious it all was!)

I'm thrilled to have them in town! :D

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sushi Star asian buffet is OPEN and is a HIT!

I was happy when I saw the Coming Soon in front of the Sushi Star Chinese/Asian/Sushi buffet building, but having eaten there for the first time this afternoon, I am ecstatic! The food is very good, the buffet spread surprisingly comprehensive (not just sushi/raw), and the sushi just keeps coming!

New Asian/Sushi Buffet in College Station

Phone: (979)703-6003
201 University Dr. East
College Station, TX 77840

(ok, the business card reads: Collego Station, but that just verifies its ethnic authenticity, right?)

I cannot contain my happiness with the addition of this uniquely non-everything-else, well-priced, delicious addition to our local cuisine representation. Drop by, eat often, eat well, and please comment below.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Luigi's Patio Ristorante - awesome Italian restaurant in College Station / Bryan

A fabulous, creative new Italian restaurant, Luigi's Patio Ristorante, has descended upon College Station / Bryan , Texas. I am so excited about this place not just because Duilio Tani and his beautiful family are friends of ours, but because of the heart and soul of the place.

Don't let the exterior surprise you! The interior of Luigis two main seating areas is cleverly decorated in an Italian villa style home interior and patio exterior-- all within Texas-style air conditioned saving goodness! There are lit patio umbrellas, hanging lanterns, and the walls have faux building exteriors to really emphasize the impression that you're dining outside. Live jazz music on Fridays, Saturdays trail later dining hours and carry the bar and "tapas" into the night. This ain't no typical mom & pop, and it certainly is not corporate.

Luigi's Patio Ristorante is conveniently located in south college station on Rock Prairie and Hwy 6.